By: Savannah Smith | 02-10-2018 | News
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Hannity Says Comey Should Become “MSNBC Conspiracy Theorist” By Now

Fox News’ Sean Hannity has a new “job recommendation for fired former FBI chief James Comey so he could still get busy: become an MSBNC conspiracy theorist.

Hannity made the sarcastic suggestion after Attorney Gregg Jarrett said that the Obama-appointed Comey committed various crimes related to the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the Russian election meddling probe.

The Fox News legal analyst said: “James Comey potentially committed 8 different crimes. He needs to be put under oath. He needs to be investigated. He’s got his book coming out that I recently read. You will find it under the fiction category.”

Hannity then laughingly said Comey can very well serve as MSNBC’s anti-Trump mouthpiece. Hannity said: “I’m sure he’ll be an MSNBC conspiracy theorist any day now.”

Comey has been accused of telling lies and half-truths after he recommended that the Department of Justice during Obama’s dying term not file charges against then Democratic presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton.

The panel on Hannity’s program also included, aside from Jarrett, attorney and author David Limbaugh, and former Congressman Jason Chaffetz. All were in unison that Comey and the Obama FBI and DOJ went out of their way to vindicate Clinton while supposedly investigating her unauthorized used of a private server while holding the highly-sensitive post of Secretary of State.

Jarrett stressed that Comey was clearly guilty of obstruction of justice, among other crimes, all with the intent of clearing Hillary Clinton.

A former judge, Congressman Louis Gohmert, for his part said that Comey should have been in jail now for lying to the FISA court to get a warrant to illegally spy on the Trump campaign under “bogus pretenses.”


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Anonymous No. 18069 2018-02-10 : 17:18

Where are the damn indictments!!! Why is killery kankle face, Debbie washerwhorman shits, big nose billy and the rest not spending their time explaining to court their dirty dealings to overthrow our government? Don't forget who was pulling all the strings. The black crack head that almost "fundamentally" destroyed America.

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