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Teacher raping students exposed by Veritas

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Project Veritas has released a new video. The video is very shocking. It shows the senior counsel for a New York teacher’s union saying that they defended a junior high school teacher who abused students.

The junior school teacher forced students to perform oral sex at knifepoint. The video is 16-minutes long. It was released on Tuesday. The video will shock parents.

Mitchell Rubinstein, who is the senior counsel for New York State United Teachers was speaking to a Project Veritas journalist without knowing.

Rubinstein smiled continuously as he described the shocking incident. Rubinstein said that the teacher's name was Mike.

Several male students said that the teacher forced them to perform oral sex at knifepoint.

The union lawyer said that there was enough evidence against the teacher. Some of the evidence that the lawyer gave included the students knowing the teachers' phone number, the name of his parrot and the students describing the furniture in his home.

The lawyer also said that the court had ordered for the teacher’s phone records. The records showed a phone call to one of the victim’s girlfriends.

Rubinstein said that the teacher had admitted that he conducted the sexual abuse. Rubinstein also told the undercover journalist that the teacher passed the lie detector because, in his mind, he believed it was voluntary sex. But that was not the case, the teacher forced the students to perform oral sex.

Rubenstein also describes warning the teacher that sex with a minor would have him jailed. He also admitted that he defended the teacher.

Project Veritas says that the teacher was convinced to resign. However, he was not convicted. There’s a possibility that he is still teaching and he was not registered as a sex offender.

Project Veritas spent so much effort trying to identify the teacher. However, they were unable to find his last name.

The founder of Project Veritas said that he hopes by releasing the video, people will come forward and help in tracking down Mike.

The teacher’s unions have a track record of protecting dirty teachers. The system is always preventing sex crimes against students from being investigated.

O’Keefe asks if the rights of the teacher’s union members are more important that the rights of a child not to be sexually abused at knife-point.

Project Veritas has done a great job in exposing the sexual predators in our schools. It’s, therefore, important for parents and well-wishers to protect our children from such dirty educators.


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