Steve King: Hispanics and Black Will Be Fighting Each Other Before Whites Become Minority

By Savannah Smith, The Goldwater · 03-15-2017
Photo credit: Innovatedcaptures | Dreamstime

Rep.Steve King does not believe that minority groups will one day be greater than whites in America. He said that Hispanics and black will be fighting each other before they can even be the majority in the U.S.

King said that in reaction to what Univision anchor Jorge Ramos said on Fox News last week that whites will become a minority in the country by 2044.

King was in the news for saying last week that we cannot restore our civilization with somebody else's babies.

He did not take it back despite getting some criticisms for what he said.

Instead, King warned about growing elements in the U.S. who are out to destroy Western civilization. He said that if Americans want to rebuild our civilization, and if we care about our country and culture, we should be making enough babies to replace ourselves. King also hoped that those babies grow.


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This King guy is amazing.

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