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YouTuber Logan Paul Posts Video Tasering Rats and Abusing Fish

The moronic YouTube personality known as Logan Paul is back in headlines, this time it's for tasering rats and abusing live fish in a video posted to his YouTube channel.

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<a href="">Logan Paul came under fire</a> last month for filming, laughing at, and posing with a decaying suicide victim's hanging corpse. The video got him <a href="">removed from his role in the YouTube series "Foursome".</a>

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Now, in a video posted Monday, Logan Paul can be seen using a taser on rats laying on the porch of his home. In the same video, he can be seen pulling large goldfish out of a pond and prodding it while is gasps and flops on the ground.

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The 22-year-old YouTube personality titled the portion of his video where he tasered the rats "Get These Rats." He asks two friends with him if they're "using weapons for this" before pulling a taser out of his waistband. He goes on to say, "No rat comes into my house without getting tased!"

Rats are killed every day by exterminators but to see this idiotic YouTuber mutilate rats with a taser designed for people and share the video of their corpses spasming is sending a message to his young audience that animal mutilation is ok. After tasering the rodents, he laughs and says, "OK, so the rats are definitely dead."

How has YouTube not put an end to this channel which promotes disturbing, mindless and disrespectful acts including vandalism to an audience of millions of young children?

Logan Paul Vlogs currently has 16 million subscribers.

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Anonymous No. 17933 2018-02-09 : 08:23

16 million subscribes. What is wrong with today's kids?

Anonymous No. 17942 2018-02-09 : 09:06


Do your really think that half of them are real? Ayy lmao

Anonymous No. 17946 2018-02-09 : 09:19

If you kill it you eat it. If you torture it, you kill it by eating it. Anything else is just plain cruel.

Anonymous No. 17965 2018-02-09 : 10:47

Mr. Gump said it best….☺

Stupid is, as Stupid does.

Anonymous No. 18031 2018-02-10 : 07:41

Fucking kike

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