By: Savannah Smith | 02-08-2018 | Entertainment
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Omarosa Slams White House in Her Celebrity Big Brother Premiere

Proving that she intends to exploit to her supposed advantage whatever media mileage and public interest she can draw from sharing stories of her brief stint in the White House, Omarosa Manigault Newman took the first opportunity to slam her former employer in the premiere episode of Çelebrity Big Brother

The Apprentice alumni entered the Big Brother House on Wednesday night wearing a black sweeping ballgown to compete with 10 other stars for over three weeks for the grand prize of $250,000. Right on, Omarosa who left the White House in December last year, cleverly used her White House experience to either appear more deliberately controversial, or project a more formidable stance than what she is truly capable of.

Omarosa said: "There's a lot of people (here) that want to stab me in the back, kind of similar to the White House. The one thing that I learned from politics is you have to watch your back, and sometimes you have to watch your front, too."

She clearly wanted to win the contest and admitted that she is fiercely competitive. Known for her cutthroat nature in The Apprentice, Omarosa shared that she came in “with a strategy of building a very strong social game.”

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But as the reality show is also about building confidences, alliances and avoiding hostilities and enemies to prevent an early eviction, the self-confessed “super fan” of the long-running reality show confessed that she needs to control her competitive nature to built trust.

The shrewd TV reality star quickly went down to business as she deftly interacted with her housemates, cleverly eying a quick alliance with the lady housemates to bring down the guys.

Omarosa told her newfound posse of American Pie actress Shannon Elizabeth, Broadway veteran Marissa Jaret Winokur and Miss Universe runner-up Ariadna Gutiérrez: “For the first time in Big Brother history, women should work together.”

Omarosa already clashed with some of her guy housemates and it is possible that she could be a target of their ire while it remains to be seen whether she can keep her alliance with the ladies given her far from amiable personality.

Omarosa was fired by Trump in The Apprentice while she resigned from the White House “to pursue other opportunities.” While her real functions were never really clear, there were speculations that she was fired by White House chief of staff John Kelly.

It is almost certain that Omarosa hitting the White House on the reality show’s premiere won’t be the last time she’ll pull such a stunt. She’ll probably squeeze whatever mileage she can from her brief stint to improve her chances of winning the prize.

It is doubtful, however, if Omarosa can prevent the same fate she suffered in The Apprentice and the White House from happening again in the Celebrity Big Brother show- being ungraciously evicted, that is.


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Anonymous No. 17876 2018-02-08 : 15:18

She will be one of the first to be evicted for sure!

Anonymous No. 17895 2018-02-08 : 19:50

Yes, He used her because she is black. I doubt he's been counting on her loyalty.

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