By: Savannah Smith | 03-13-2017 | News
Photo credit: Jorgosphotos | User Admits to Pizzagate Shenanigans

A user admitted that he/she was paid to post bad comments about people leading the investigation into the Pizzagate scandal.

The unknown user said he/she found the job from the website Craigslist. The user was given minimum wage to discredit the Pizzagate investigators. The said user is not alone in doing the demolition job. Number of people were hired as well to post bad comments against Pizzagate investigators to make sure posting is done 24/7.

The paid online users received their salaries from leftist groups. The user said those groups paying them to write dirty stuff against the Pizzagate investigators are well-funded.

The online user said he/she was paid to say bad things about Brittany Pettibone, David Seaman, Richard Spencer, Lara Lokteff and Pizzagate Angela. The one who made the confession of being a paid commenter even posted the links to his messages on threads.

The user also discussed in ways they have used to discredit the investigators. The user said some of their efforts were successful like in the case of David who left the scene after being targeted in posts by the paid commenters.

Pizzagate scandal revealed that Democrats are behind a pedophile ring. Mainstream media said it was fake news.Others as such Pettibone, Seaman ,and Spencer went on to make independent investigations of their own about the scandal.

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Anonymous No. 1791 2017-03-14 : 14:47

I dont know what this picture is, but looking at it makes me really hungry for an omelette

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