By: Savannah Smith | 02-08-2018 | Science
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No Full Moon This Month

Rarer Than Even a Blue Moon, “No Full Moon” to Happen This February

Excitement may have welcomed the recent occurrence of a blue moon because it only happens once every nearly three years but there’s something that’s even rarer than that- a no full moon.

February happens to be one of four months in the 21st century that the world will not witness a full moon, and experts say such is significant from a statistical point of view.

Having no full moon in a month is extremely rare. It also does not have a term of its own. The lunar cycle may vary since its orbit isn’t circular, but at its shortest, the cycle is 29 days and six hours between full moons.

This 2018 marks the first of the only four months in the entire 21st century, all happening in the month of February. The next rare occurrences will happen in 2037,2067 and 2094. These also correspond to those years with a double blue moon.

Surprisingly, there’s even something rarer- a leap year without a full moon in February. Experts say many centuries go without one. In fact, in the years between 2000 and 2999, there are only three occurrences: 2572, 2792 and 2944.


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