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Wikileaks VAULT7 Set To Release Wiretapped Communications Of Merkel

WikiLeaks made a tweet on Monday saying that it is set to publish many [Central Intelligence Agency] or [National Security Agency] intercepts of German Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of her visit to the U.S.

WikiLeaks tweeted that there are terrified talks going on in the US national security circles that it is going to publish many CIA or NSA intercepts of Merkel tonight or tomorrow.

This release would come a week after WikiLeaks published internal CIA documents about the agency’s hacking operations.

The whistle-blowing site has previously released documents showing that the NSA tapped a meeting between Merkel and then-U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

Der Spiegel also reported in 2013 that the NSA targeted Merkel’s cellphone.

The German Chancellor was scheduled to meet with President Trump on Tuesday. However, a snow storm has moved the visit to Friday.

WikiLeaks dumped what seems to be authentic CIA documents which revealed, among other things, that the spy agency has a way of hacking into smart TVs in order to spy on targeted persons of interest.

The Vault 7 release, also showed the CIA has the ability to hack into Apple phones as well. There have been claims that Apple had patched its IOS vulnerabilities described in Vault 7, WikiLeaks responded with a tweet of its own.

WikiLeaks stated that Apple had not been able to patch those weaknesses in its operating system.

The FBI admitted it had not developed a way to get into the Apple IOS. James Comey had actually petitioned Congress to force Apple to cooperate with the FBI in unlocking one of the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhones.

However, Comey withdrew his request to mandate Apple to cooperate. This led people to speculate that the FBI had found another way to get on the phone.

WikiLeaks has told the world that Apple’s proprietary operating system is vulnerable to attack, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

iPhone and Apple users have always thought that their operating system was not vulnerable to attack from viruses, malware or spyware.

WikiLeaks revealed that there are 14 exploits the CIA can and does use to gain access to IOS data. The hacking tools have eclectic names as well.

Apple has since said the flaws highlighted in the documents had already been fixed in past patches.

The former CIA deputy director, Mike Morrell, called the leak an inside job. However, no one wants any intelligence agency operative to spy on Americans.

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