By Savannah Smith  |  03-14-2017   News
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Breitbart News released a recording of Paul Ryan from October 2016 He said that he was not supporting presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Ryan said this after Trumps “pussy grabbing” recording got big publicity, thanks to the liberal media. This was also just almost a month before the US presidential election. The recording happened a long time ago.

Democrats attacked Trump because of this release. Paul Ryan decided to throw his lot in with the Democrats. At that time He said he is not going to defend Trump, " not now", and " not in the future."

Ryan refused to help the campaign of the Republican presidential candidate. Of course Trump won, anyway, without Ryan's support. After the election was over, then Ryan went to Trump's side to offer support. Trump accepted him, then forgave him for his deceitful conduct during the election.

Since then Ryan has been supporting the President, and helping fast track important laws.

Ryan pushed the new affordable care act, even though the newest version is not liked by the rest of congress. Its like he wants it to fail. He isn't really helping the GOP. He is just helping himself.

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Anonymous No. 1787 1489489333

It's already trending #1 on Twitter.

Anonymous No. 1788 1489495780

fuck paul ryan

Tillie No. 1790 1489496153

I think he is a stinker, a rino

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