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South Carolina Churchgoers Shocked By Self-Mutilation

Churchgoers in Anderson, South Carolina were horrified to witness a woman tore out her own eyes with her hands just across a chapel.

Shocked witnesses called 911 on Tuesday to report the horrifying incident. One witness, Elizabeth Hiott, a worker at the South Main Chapel and Mercy Center, said the strange incident took place just across the street where she also saw blood flowing and the woman screaming.

So odd was the incident that Hiott said even the 911 dispatcher seemed to have a hard time believing her report. She said: "I immediately called 911 and it almost felt like the 911 dispatcher didn't even believe me. That's how crazy it was."

Anderson County Sheriff's Office’s Lt. Bowland confirmed that both the woman’s eyes were removed, not just one contrary to previous reports. After witnesses called 911, the woman, who had been kneeling next to some railroad tracks, ripped out the second eye.

Bowland added: "She didn't injure anybody, but it took several people to subdue her enough to get her on a stretcher.”

Witnesses also said the woman was holding the eyeballs in her hands. She didn’t allow anyone to touch her. Medical workers rushed the woman to an area hospital by helicopter.

The authorities have yet to release the woman’s identity but Hiott said she has seen the woman at church before, although she was not a regular church-goer.

The woman is on a respirator but is in stable condition. It is not yet clear if anything can be done to repair and restore the eyeballs she tore from her eyes.

The authorities have not established yet if the woman is battling some mental issues or going through a hard time to do that to herself.


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Anonymous No. 17856 2018-02-08 : 10:52

How'd she do that? With just her fingers? Is that even possible without even using a blade? How horrible. She is a nut case. She needs help. God bless her. Not sure if she even intended to do that in front of a church. She must feel so isolated.

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