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Chelsea Clinton Almost Drove Their Foundation's COO To Her Death

Could Chelsea - Bill and Hillary's only child- be so callous that she would give more attention to online reports about her father's alleged numerous affairs with women than care about the COO of their Clinton Foundation who came so close to taking her own life due to severe stress that she and her father caused?

That's one of the most explosive revelations in the new batch of Wikileaks emails on Hillary Clinton released yesterday. The New York Post narrated in greater detail the emails where Chelsea was significantly mentioned.

A December 2011 email exchange between Dough Band- Bill Cinton's close aide- and other Clinton staff shows that Band informed his colleagues of his efforts to dissuade Clinton Foundation' s then COO Laura Graham from a suicide attempt instigated by the extreme stress she has been subjected to by working with toxic people like " WJC" and "CVC".

WJC, of course, refers to William Jefferson " Bill" Clinton and CVC for Chelsea Victoria Clinton.

" She was on Staten Island in her car parked a few feet from the waters' edge with here foot on the gas pedal and the car in park. She called me to tell me the stress of all this office crap with WJC and CVC as well as that of her family had driven her to the edge and she could not take it anymore.", Band wrote to Cheryl Mills, then the chief-of-staff of Hillary at the State Department, as well as to John Podesta, Bill's then chief-of-staff and to Justin Cooper, the Clinton aide who played a role in the set-up and maintenance of Hillary' private email server.

Band also narrated in his email how he sought Graham's brother and shrink to also talk Graham out of inflicting harm to herself, or worse diving to her death, out of severe stress caused in large part by the father and daughter Clinton tandem- Hillary's beloved small family.

Graham was prevailed not to try to put her life at risk- or unnecessarily end it.

Band mentions in another email how stress is also having a serious impact on the health of Board Chairman Bruce Lindsey.

" But I'm sure Chelsea is more concerned with a mostly false story the distinguished New York Post about MF Global and Teneo, not her role in what happened to Laura/Bruce, what she is doing to the organization or the several of stories that in the NY Post about her father and a multitude of women over the years.", Band's past email read.

It was not explained in the report how exactly Chelsea caused severe stress to Clinton Foundation's leaders, or how she could not care less about the health status of their executives, but basing from Band's narration, one can detect such contempt for the former First Daughter. What ever it is that Chelsea did or say must be something truly big to earn such anger from Band.

In another email, Band also goes on to call Chelsea a " spoiled brat" who has no basis questioning the affairs of Teneo which Band co-founded, to cover up for her own inadequacies. Band also said Chelsea has " not found herself in life and lacks focus".

Whatever Band truly and fully mean, unless more emails get revealed in the coming days or Band himself agrees to a tell-all, we would never know what exactly Chelsea did and say to their leaders in the foundation.

But, oh well, if she could really be as nasty as being implied by Band, with parents like Bill and Hillary, that's really not surprising at all. Viciousness is this family's middle name, and Chelsea could very well be Hillary, Jr.- like mother, like daughter.

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