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Former Attorney General Eric Holder Considers Run for President

The former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. revealed on Wednesday that he’s considering making a run for president. Mr. Holder was speaking at a breakfast that was sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. “I think I’ll make a decision by the end of the year about whether or not there’s another chapter.”

The Former Attorney General is currently fundraising and flexing his political muscles by running former President Barack Obama’s chief political operation, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, to try to put their party in a better position.

This comes ahead of the redrawing of political maps after the 2020 census. Holder was asked if those were a prelude to running for office, he said: “We’ll see.” Pressed again on whether that meant a presidential bid, he again said, “We’ll see.”

He has served six years as attorney general under Mr. Obama and before that was deputy attorney general at the end of the Clinton administration. Before then he had also been U.S. attorney in Washington, D.C., and also a judge.

During past decades Mr. Holder had looked at a run for mayor in the District, but with a major national profile and no voting member from Washington serving in Congress, the presidential level has his electoral opportunities.


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Anonymous No. 17769 2018-02-07 : 18:47

He should be in jail by 2020 if the fast & furious scandal gets revisited. nothing to see here. LOL!

Shawn No. 17771 2018-02-07 : 20:07

Do it Eric. I will donate to your campaign for the opportunity to see Trump trash & burn you in a public arena.

Anonymous No. 17780 2018-02-07 : 23:21

My only question is… "what is Trump going to nickname him?"

Anonymous No. 17787 2018-02-08 : 00:23

what is this shit

Anonymous No. 17791 2018-02-08 : 00:45

He needs to be beheaded fuck that worthless crooked ass nigger!!!

SouthernChick No. 17794 2018-02-08 : 01:07

Run for president, fool, you wont make it to then because you will be charged with deliberately being involved with the Russian dossier. You WILL eventually pay for this crime. You wont get the same chance Hillary got during her campaign!

Anonymous No. 17797 2018-02-08 : 01:48

With his Illegal FBI stunts its an easy win for his competitor.

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