By: Steve Dellar | 02-07-2018 | News
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Oregon State Senator Accused Of ‘Repeated Groping’

Oregon State Senator Jeff Kruse was nowhere to be seen as a detailed report showing years of sexual misconduct was made public today. It would appear the Republican state senator got a bit ‘too handy’ if all the emerging details are true.

Ms Dian Rubanoff, the independent investigator (who’s also an employment law attorney in private practice) was assigned by the Oregon senate to conduct a thorough investigation after Mr Kruse was accused by several female colleagues (Democratic Oregon senators Ms Sara Gelser of Corvallis and Ms Elizabeth Steiner Hayward of Portland) last year of ‘indecent behavior’ and has now published her conclusions.

The report indeed notes several women complaining about Mr Kruse’s repeated behavior.

For example, a young law student who worked at the Capital told the investigator that Mr Kruse would call her "little girl" and that she was "sexy", claiming furthermore the state senator also subjected her to "a lot of hugging" and would grab her and pull her into a tight hug at least twice per week.

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The report read: “He would come up behind her at her desk and put his hands on her shoulders and rest his chin on the top of her head. This might last for 20 seconds, and she would sit very still and wait for it to be over.’”

Though it does not reveal any names, the report states new instances of misconduct by Mr Kruse against a House member, a third female senator, several law students who used to work for him, various Republican and non-partisan staffers, a former legislative aide and a lobbyist.

When asked by the investigator to respond to the allegations, Mr Kruse said "it's not easy to change when you have been doing something for 67 years."

The Republican leader in the Oregon Senate, Ms Jackie Winters of Salem, commented via a spokesman: "At this time, we are reviewing the report. The process is still ongoing, and will continue with the Senate Conduct Committee meeting."


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Anonymous No. 17784 2018-02-07 : 23:27

Maybe there should be degrees of groping under the law. Creepy-groping should top the list.

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