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Worldwide Protests In Light Of Israeli Deportation Notices

Deportation of immigrants has gone worldwide. A secret agreement supposedly exists between Israeli officials certain African countries. This protest is expected to continue around the world outside of Rwandan embassies, Tel Aviv, London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Toronto and other cities. As they plan the deportation of the tens of thousands of asylum seekers to third world countries in Africa, namely Rwanda and Uganda. However, they still deny the reports that they have any agreements with Israel to take any asylum seekers. This will surely play into Israeli Prime Minister <a href="">Benjamin Netanyahu's fears of George Soros inspired protests</a> aimed to flood Zion with migrants.

If they do not agree to leave, the asylum seekers will be imprisoned indefinitely in Israel. The Israeli government issued deportation notices and were given 60 days to leave the country or face detention. There are currently around 20,000 male asylum seekers. Some testimonies were gathered from Eritrean asylum seekers sent to Rwanda who warned those still in Israel, “You want to die? Then go back, If you don't want to die, stay in Israel."

Many have left Israel under the "voluntary return" currently offered by the Israeli government. Israel also offered cash incentives for those who leave willfully through a repatriation program. Israel argues they will be able to safely build their lives in Rwanda.Since 2009, according to UNHCR, Israel has only recognized 10 Eritreans and one Sudanese national as refugees.

"Some said that people traveling with them had died en route to Libya, where many experienced extortion and detention, as well as abused including torture and violence," said <a href="">William Spindler, UNHCR spokesperson</a>.

According to the most recent data provided by the Israeli Administration of border crossings, population and immigration at the ministry of interior (MOI), Only 300 asylum seekers have entered Israel via Egypt since 2013, not a single one did in 2017. About 35,000 asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan who entered Israel through Egypt (regarded as "infiltrators" by the MOI) currently, live in Israel.

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Anonymous No. 17760 2018-02-07 : 16:57

Let us be clear in years gone by Immigrants came to new countries to become citizens of those new countries , blending in and mixing in. Adopting the social and cultural norms of their new homeland while on the lesser side still remembering who they were and why they left.

Today's immigrants and mostly ILLEGAL and are flooding countries trying NOT to blend in or mix or adopt the social norms of their new location of resident. They DEMAND things be adopted to suit their ways and etc…

This should be unacceptable to any citizenry.

Just take a look at the problems the recent EU Islamic invasion of ECONOMIC Refugees inflicted on Europe and demand they be judged by they own laws and not the country entered. Such Cultural differences and practices are not acceptable.

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