By: Steve Dellar | 02-07-2018 | News
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Pelosi Out If Dems Lose In November

Though mainstream media will be, between now and November, full of stories about how the Democrats should logically win the 2018 midterms because of the unpopularity of President Donald Trump, even they know that any loss for the Dems come November, no matter how small, means game over for their leader, Ms Nancy Pelosi.

Her spokesman Mr Drew Hammill, keen on holding off on that question, explained that: “Leader Pelosi is singularly focused on winning back the House for Democrats. The leader is not here on a shift, but on a mission.”

But some Democrats have already openly admitted that, even though the confidence about winning is great amongst them (just like the NYT’s failed 90% poll in 2016 that Clinton would be the next President probably), there is a generational shift to come if all does not turn out well come fall of this year.

The political news-site Politico conducted several anonymous interviews with Democratic lawmakers and aides over the course of the past few weeks, to get a sense of the current caucus dynamics, a clear divide emerged.

Most of them indeed agreed Ms Pelosi would have to step down or face a certain challenge for her post if the Democrats fail to win the Midterms.

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"It will be an intraparty war. That's what you can expect,” said Representative Mr Alcee Hastings.

He predicts a "mass exodus" of Democrats should they fail to win the House in November. "That's at the highest levels of leadership and at the committee level."

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Ms Pelosi has been the leader of the House Democrats since 2009.


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Anonymous No. 17748 2018-02-07 : 13:45

From my life experiences most women are pretty strong willed, but this sour puss seems to get more bullheaded with age. Maybe she's telling Hilga that everything will be alright cause she isn't giving up till our president is out of office via impeachment? No. 17751 2018-02-07 : 14:02

"Democrats should logically win the 2008"

ROFL, Dims living in the past….

I wish so called Urinalists would tell it like it is!

The Dim party is dead, it will take an entire generation for their recovery, if ever, and that's only because it will take a new generation to be oblivious of just how corrupt the party is.

Yes, 3 decades is how long it'll take, and that's assuming they mover right of the leftist GOP.

Anonymous No. 17757 2018-02-07 : 15:57 No. 17751

Thank you for point out my typo. Steve Dellar.

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