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Donald Trump Cuts The Budget To The Max

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President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal is reducing the budget to the maximum. However, the defense and security spending will be increased by $54 billion.

The budget proposal has reduced the amount spent on non-defense programs.

The cuts are expected to reduce as much as a quarter of the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget.

Trump said that the budget will be a public safety and national security budget. Trump’s proposal will reduce most of the lower priority programs and most federal agencies.

One of Trump administration reported that the cut will done in the fiscal year of 2018.

The budget cuts are needed so that the national debt is maintained, then President Trump's administration can focus on important issues.

Trump’s proposed 2018 budget will include funds for the US-Mexico border wall.

President Trump wants the American people to know that the budget will show their priorities.

The President said that his administration is going to do more with less.

He also said that the government must learn to tighten its belt because of the 20 trillion dollars in debt.

The budget proposal is expected to reduce $1.3 billion from the US Coast Guard. The operating budget of the Coast Guard is $9 billion.

The Department of Homeland Security budget will be increased by 6%.

The departments of Commerce and Energy spending will also be reduced.

The programs in this departments will be removed or transferred to other agencies.

The departments of Transportation, Justice and State spending will also be cut.

Trump’s team will cut the federal spending by $10.5 trillion over 10 years.

The budget cuts are necessary in ensuring that the national debt is maintained. It will also ensure that President Trump’s administration is able to focus on the important issues.

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