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Are Angels Real?

California Angels are baseball players. Blue Angels are jet fighter pilots. Hells Angels ride motorbikes. They are all called angels, but are real angels, you know the spiritual kind really real?

Lucifer is the Angel of Light. Michael is an Archangel. The one that keeps demons down with a mighty sword. Angels came to the shepherds and announced the coming of the baby Jesus in Bethlehem to the world.

Joan of Arc heard voices of angels. She said they helped her drive the English out. It is said the Archangel Michael gave her personal advice so the English would be driven out of France.

George Washington was visited by an angel during that bitter winter in Valley Forge. The angel told him and showed him about the future of America. Giving hope to the hopeless situation that men must have felt the cold winter in Pennsylvania.

Mystic Shelly talks of Angels leaving signs that you have been visited. Feathers where you wouldn’t expect them. Coins left for you to find. Glimpses in rainbows. Angels everywhere just waiting for you to believe.

The apostle Paul wrote that without charity, angels are useless. Angels help struggling business to find success. Making billions for businessmen who believe.

It’s hard to look back at circumstances that you have survived without having some belief in angels. The time you just missed getting hit by the bus, or falling off the cliff. Picking up the coin off the road when the semi-truck mirror should have taken off your head, none proof of angels, but all making you believe in them just the same. If angels are real, there will never be proof. Only the belief and knowledge that you have been helped will make them real to you.

An 8-year-old 50 pound boy can rescue his father from under a Toyota. J.T. Parker from Sugar City Idaho did it. He said he did it with the help of Angels.

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