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Trump Isn't Losing Among Women Voters

The Republican nominee Donald Trump has continuously refuted the lewd comments in which he was recorded making rude comments about women. Trump has aggressively diverted attention from himself by counter-attacking his opponent Hillary Clinton, during the second presidential debate he excused himself by stating that it was locker room talk. However, some political analyst has questioned the relevance of this recordings and why they are being used against Trump at such a time when his opponent Hillary has in the past years engaged in abuse of office.

In his interview with Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, Trump expressed his disappointment in the possibility of him losing the elections because of the comments that he made eleven years ago. Donald Trump also emphasized that he was very optimistic that he will win the elections; backing up his statement was the allegation that U.S. Citizens are fed up with the Obama’s administration and Clinton as well. Mr. Trump also sarcastically joked about going back to his previous life and how disappointing that would be.

In the interview that took place on Tuesday right after the second presidential debate, Trump dismissed the insinuation that the leaked audio which went viral on Friday is affecting his voters share among the women voters.

The recent moves that Trump has been making in his campaign have placed major emphasis on women by addressing their issues and challenges; during the second presidential debate, Donald Trump showed up with four women all who were accusers of Bill Clinton. Based on this scenario, one could easily insinuate that the Republican nominee is a caring and compassionate individual who is more than willing to fight for the needs of the minority and everyone else’s needs in the society.

The Republican nominee continued to highlight the vital needs that women need; security, law, and borders were some of the key needs that Trump mentioned.

Trump also expressed his disappointment in the Republicans who have turned their back on him after the lewd comments went viral; Trump said that he will do better without the support of this republicans; terming them as chuckles.

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