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Family Of 11 Crashed On The Way To Delivery Room, 5 Killed

A terribly tragic accident took place in Darlington, South Carolina Tuesday after a car accident killed three generations of family members in the same car.

Todd Hardee, a Darlington County coroner, said, "I don’t remember in my lifetime there being a collision in a single car accident where five people lost their lives."

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"One of the people in the family was pregnant and went into labor, as I’m told, and the family got into the automobile to go to the hospital," Hardee explained. The authorities believe the driver was 52-year-old Leonard Rouse and he lost control of the car.

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"It appears the car probably left the roadway and they overcorrected and the car began to roll over and over." Each time the vehicle rolled, more of the family were ejected from the car until all 11 had been thrown from the vehicle.

"All the windows were out, and as it rolled whatever position they were in the car is how they would exit the window there," Hardee continued. Among the deceased are the driver, a 14-year-old girl, a 28-year-old woman and her unborn child and another unborn child.

The friends and family of the victims showed up to the crash site throughout the day to see the area where their loved ones died and to gather scattered belongings.

Hardee also described the accident saying, "It’s a deep tragedy for our community."

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sad :(

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||| Chainat | |||

The mysterious discovery of a human skull that was found at Mud Lake in Boulder County has puzzled the Boulder County sheriff’s and coroner’s offices who are still unable to identify the skull.

Even more baffling is the fact they have not been able to identify any more human remains or determine how the person died.

Reports indicate that the skull was found by a hiker on Oct. 2 in unincorporated Boulder County near the town of Nederland.

An announcement was made by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday that it received the results of an anthropological examination of the skull and believed it belonged to a man between the ages of 30 and 60 years old and estimated the skull was in the environment for less than five years.

Detectives have not found any matching missing-person cases, and the coroner’s office has not yet been able to identify the person.

There are also searches that have been conducted in the area but they have not turned up any other remains or evidence in the case. Investigations are still underway and the case remains open and under investigation. Anyone with information they believe may assist in the investigation is asked to contact Detective Mark Spurgeon at 303-441-3615.


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