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Authorities have managed to identify the human skeletal remains that were found in Liberty County as those of Esmeralda Paragas-Nunez, a mother of five children who's been missing since Aug. 3, 2016.

The skeletal remains were discovered by a property owner on Aug. 28, 2016. The police conducted a two-day search after which they were able to recover 85 percent of the skeletal remains.

The Jefferson County Medical Examiner's Office conducted tests and the skeletal remains' DNA were recently confirmed by the Liberty County Sheriff's Office as Paragas-Numez's.

One of her family friend, Flavio Salinas, revealed that Esmeralda worked at the Snow Flake Donut & Deli shop at I-45 at Gulf Bank Road.

The family friend said on Aug. 3, 2016, that Paragas-Nunez was supposed to meet a woman she had recently met through work at a park near Veterans Memorial Drive. But the woman said she never showed up. “As unfortunate as it sounds, I think she was kidnapped and she's definitely in danger,” Salinas said.

The main cause of her death remains a mystery although no arrests have been made by the police. However, there’s a cash reward that is being offered to anyone who can provide information about a person or persons responsible for Paragas-Nunez's death.

The Liberty County Sheriff's Office can be called at 936-336-4500 by anyone with information or Houston Police Department Missing Person Division at 832-394-1840.


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Her name is more stereotypical than Spidy Conzales.

She probably fucked with the cartels in some manner.

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