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Thanks, Trump: General Motors to give Employees $11,750 Check as a Result of Tax Cuts

For the President of the United States of America and the country he's making great again, it's been endless victories and nonstop winning, confirmed again today after General Motors announced that employees will now receive an $11,750 profit-sharing check as a result of the historic tax cuts.

Detroit, the infamous <i>"Motor City"</i>, and the rest of the American automotive industry had been on literal life support prior to the Trump Administration cutting regulations and red-tape to make doing business inside of America not only more profitable but the <i>only choice</i> for the companies that would be worth their efforts.

The industry-first policies of President Trump combined with one of the greatest tax reform bills in American history have injected new life into thousands of companies, and for General Motors they're trickling down the winnings to the people who work hard to make American automotive greatness.

Reports state that General Motors made $12.8 billion in pretax profits in the year 2017, which means that the company's United Auto Workers employees will get their cut via profit-sharing checks of $11,750 on February 23rd.

The company was set to report a net loss for the year of $3.9 billion dollars, and the enormous tax reform injected an additional $7.3 billion into the company.

It may take the company a few years to increase their margins, but the bolstered world market due to tariffs and regulations against imports that President Trump has ordered should give General Motors the much needed "pick-me-up" it requires.

Tax reform alone has saved many companies who were on the verge of collapse, and with the new procedural organization and a business plan for success, General Motors is hoping to finally recover under President Trump.

<b>Now is a good time to remind Americans before they make a tax return to buy American-made vehicles.</b>

General Motors earnings per share were up more than 8% to $6.62, which beat the consensus of as high as $6.50 per share.

For the fourth quarter alone, the company made more than $3 billion before taxes and had earnings per share of $1.65.

The Automotive industry is different than most, and partially due to the infamous Obama bailouts, it's expected to take more than a decade for companies such as GM to fully recover.

No doubt President Trump's promises to this country and his "America-First, Industry-First" policies.

"The actions we took to further strengthen our core business and advance our visions for personal mobility made 2017 a transformative year. We will continue executing our plan and reshaping our company to position it for long-term success," Chairman and CEO Mary Barra said in a news release.

Chuck Stevens, Executive Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer, said the company plans to build on its momentum in 2018.

"Improvements in all operating segments and an intense focus on cost reductions generated a record quarter and another record year," Stevens said in the release.

GM's profit-sharing checks for a whopping 50,000 workers are far higher than its Detroit rivals.

Ford is set to hand out profit-sharing checks of $7,500, and Fiat Chrysler said it would pay its UAW-represented workers an average of $5,500.

Fiat Chrysler also said it would give American workers, aside from senior leadership, $2,000 bonuses.

<i>Seriously folks, buy American vehicles, it's the only way we can restore this American behemoth in our automotive industry.</i>

UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada said, "Today's General Motors profit sharing, established under the 2015 contract negotiations, recognizes that UAW GM members' hard work is an essential part of General Motors sales and profits."

Estrada continued, "UAW members at GM negotiated a well-deserved share in the profits of their hard work and sacrifice."

<b>The automotive industry's future relies on the American people. Buy America folks.</b>

"Making America Great Again" starts with you.

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