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Russian 'Big Brother' Star Victim Of Necrophilia By Mortician

It's been about a decade since Oksana Aplekaeva's (Оксаны Аплекаевой) body was found strangled on the road between Riga and Moscow. Oksana was an ex-participant in the reality program "House-2"/Dom-2 ("Дома-2"). House 2 was the Russian equivalent of the worldwide hit reality franchise, Big Brother. It wasn't until just recently that new information came to light that one of the morgue employees had raped her before she was interred.

Thankfully, new technology allowed for a re-examination of the body and since the employee, who at the time was still in the employ of the morgue, has confessed to his gruesome deed. "I could not argue against science," the literally ghoulish mortician explained. If not for the discovery of new information, her body may never have been exhumed leading to the detailed forensic tests that led to the discovery that she had been sexually violated after her death.

“I confessed – confessed to the man in an interview. – You can’t trample. I had to leave my job voluntarily. A new place I can’t find more than three months. My wife, of course, after this incident, I have broken relationship she left and even changed the phone number that she had more than 10 years.” The full details of the incident behind Oksana's death are still a mystery. In fact, very little is yet known. What is known is that she left the agency where she had worked as a model with an unknown young man.

Her killer has never been found but new information led police to exhume her body and carry out more detailed forensic tests. Meanwhile, the mortician bemoans the fact that he can not find another job and his wife has even changed her phone number after leaving him. It should be little surprise that the necrophiliac rapist is having difficulty finding a job considering the high profile of the victim. Russian media are reporting that Alexander can not be charged with any crime as, apparently (as ghastly as it may seem) there are no laws on the books in Russia dealing with necrophiliac violation.

Police note that Alexander is not related to the murder investigation and is not suspected to have violated any other corpses in the 12 year stead he had worked at the Russian morgue. Meanwhile, the murderer, who tossed Oksana from a moving car in an undisclosed location, is still free for the moment.


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Anonymous No. 17716 2018-02-07 : 09:21

Geez, that guy even LOOKS like the type to violate a dead body. Love the "boohoo, my wife left me, can't find a job." Ummmm, you're lucky Russia allows necrophilia by morticians and you weren't charged and ended up in a Russian prison.

Also… Russia ALLOWS necrophilia by morticians evidently?!?

Anonymous No. 17729 2018-02-07 : 10:40

Well, they do like the cold there

Anonymous No. 17744 2018-02-07 : 12:23

wow, dubs followed by dubs. must be a mod posting here lol.

Anonymous No. 17745 2018-02-07 : 12:24


>> double dubs

>> mod confirmed…

Nonny No. 17873 2018-02-08 : 15:03

Imagine being the wife finding out she’s been sleeping with a man who rapes dead people?

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