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German Police Hunting "Witches" Who Dropped Teen In Cauldron Of Boiling Water

Police in Baden-Württemberg, Germany is searching for two women responsible for dropping a teenager into a cauldron of boiling water. Authorities in Eppingen say the 18-year-old was "handed over" by her friends at a creepy witchcraft carnival.

The victim has not been named but police say she was badly burned on her feet and legs after she was dropped into the boiling water. Police think the act may have been a joke gone wrong and are searching for two people dressed in witches outfits who fled the scene afterward.

The burning happened as 2,000 carnival witches continued onward in a procession. One of the witches is said to have picked up the victim while the other lifted the lid. The pair is wanted for negligent bodily harm and failure to provide assistance.

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Reports from witnesses say the two witches were pushing their cauldron on a cart when the teen's friends "handed her over" after she was picked out of the crowd by the witches taking part in the parade.

The odd procession took place on the cobbled streets with medieval timbered houses on either side as the carnival went down the road. The carnival takes place annually and the organizers were criticized for posting images of the event on Facebook without mentioning the fact they boiled a teenager alive.

A spokeswoman for the police said, "For reasons unknown so far the young woman’s legs fell into the cauldron and the 18-year-old sustained severe injuries to her legs."

Although police say they believe the incident was intended to be a joke, those responsible face prosecution.

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