By: Ace Jackson | 03-13-2017 | News
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States and ICE crack down hard on Illegals

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant fully supports the government's stand on illegal immigration and illegal “Sanctuary Colleges”

“We are going to pass a law that says you can’t have sanctuary cities in Mississippi, so that you can’t hide these individuals from immigration and customs,” he said.

ICE has also leveled up, and announced that even with an Obama era DACA that is deferred or delayed action by ICE. Immigrants can still be deported. Since 2012 ICE has deported over 1500 people with DACA status, and they will be deporting more and more as the days go on.

When ICE announced this on their twitter stream, they were attacked right away by the liberal attack dogs on Twitter.

“You are spinelessly enforcing the racist agenda of white supremacists. Shameful shit.”

“Does your racist mom know you're using her racist computer? Please ask permission next time li'l fella.”

- @DennisPerkins5 

“some of you are truly sickening you have no heart. If not for your ancestors stealing the land you wouldn't be here.” @reggiesears 

The majority quickly went to the support of ICE posting things like:

“every single illegal needs to be deported eventually, they are all criminals”

"As a Hispanic, I know we need to crack down. Ignore these Nazi comparisons from conformist liberals. Keep defending law and order."

"Keep up great work. True Americans are behind you 100%"

There seems to be tons of support for ICE and for the policy to start deporting faster. Americans are standing behind ICE. There has been a record number of jobs created for Americans over the last month, and ICE is leading the way helping Americans get the work that they deserve.

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