By: Ace Jackson | 03-13-2017 | News
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Will Texas Make Fapping Illegal?

Texas Rep. Democrat Jessica Farrar has written a bill to make fapping against the law for men. It will have a $100 fine. Of course she doesn’t think it will pass. She is just wasting taxpayer money, to make a point for Women’s health. Sort of like the Monty Python skit “Every Sperm Is Sacred.”

Women’s health is important, for some reason Rep. Farrar thinks this will help support abortion rights. It seems like fapping and abortion don’t get well together, this just embarrassing for Texas.

Every year Texas becomes more and more Pro-Life. The Legislature of Texas is doing their best to support the will of the people. The majority of them are Republicans. It has been successful, and less abortions have happened since 2011 when Texas made it a law for Mothers to listen to their baby’s heart beat before an abortion. This “Woman’s Right To Know” law has been a big success. It is much harder to kill a baby if you have heard their tiny beating heart.

If you fap, then there is little chance you will make a baby. This bill just doesn’t make any sense, except to show how much Rep. Jessica Farrar from Houston Texas hates men. Please look at important things Rep. Farrar, and quit messing with Texas.


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