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We Can't Restore Civilization With Somebody Else's Baby-Steve King

The Voice of Europe came out with a Tweet showing far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders stopping Islamists from entering Western civilization with a wall. It came with a caption that says " hundreds of Islamists shouting Allahu Akbar in Rotterdam, the Netherlands". It added that Wilders is right for more than 10 years about his views that white people are superior. It also points to the need to keep Muslims away from mixing with them.

The tweet was criticized by some. Others called Wilders as the "Dutch Donald Trump". President Trump is strict with immigration policies, to stop bad foreigners from coming into America and harming Americans. He also said he will give more importance to America and Americans above everyone else.

Conservative lawmaker Steve King, however, agreed with the said Twitter post. He also said that Wilders is correct because he understands that culture and demographics are our culture. King added that we cannot restore our civilization with another race.King said we cannot restore our civilization with another race, " or with somebody else's baby."

Former KKK leader David Duke also agreed with King. He invited people to consider moving to King's district in Iowa because they have strong sanity there. In another tweet he also said "God bless Steve King" and also used the Make America Great Again hashtag.

King became controversial in July last year when he questioned whether any other "subgroup" of people has given more to civilization than white people.

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