By: Earnest Jones | 03-13-2017 | News
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Congressman Says CIA Leaks Show That America Is Moving Towards Dictatorship

Dennis Kucinich is a Democrat Congressman with 16-years of service. He doesn’t like the federal government’s spying powers.

Kucinich doesn’t like the feds after WikiLeaks released information on the CIA’s spying on Americans. Kucinich has always said he is concerned with privacy, and the power of the government to invade privacy.

He was one of the few who stood up against laws to increase spying.

Kucinich said that it is wrong for the government to be spying on its own people. He also said that it is wrong for the CIA to give the chance to people with the tech skills to spy on others.

The Democrat said that the First, Third, Fourth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution have been affected by the government spying.

He also fears that the government is going to become a dictatorship.

He went ahead to call on everyone to tell the government and business to stop spying on people.

It is sad that the mainstream media has not spread the right news on government spying.

Instead, the mainstream media has shifted focus on WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange.

This makes it hard for the Kucinich message to get to the people.

The Washington Post is a good example of the crooked mainstream media’s efforts to reject the right news.

The Washington Post questions whether there’s any tie between Vault 7 and the Russians.

WikiLeaks has a good record of releasing real content. However, the mainstream media is spreading lies, hoping that it will cover up the spying that the CIA has been doing.

Edward Snowden has said that the WikiLeaks document are real. He wrote a tweet saying that the CIA and the FBI were aware of the backdoor in smartphones.

It’s time for every American to rise and support the fight against mass spying said Kucinich .


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