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US/Israeli Jewish Organizations Blast Trump For Immigration Reform While Israel Set To Deport Tens O

It seems a bit like a case of the pot calling the kettle black as far as Jewish attitudes towards US illegal immigration and deportation goes. In the US and Israel multiple Jewish and rabbinical groups decry the fact that "millions of undocumented immigrants in America live in fear of imprisonment, deportation or worse." Groups like the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies Cantors Assembly, the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs, Jewish Educators Assembly, Mercaz, USA Women's League for Conservative Judaism and several more groups represented in the Conservative/Masorti movement of Judaism called out President Donald Trump for barring refugees and immigrants from entering the United States. The groups statement notes that the belief is "deeply rooted in our tradition, faith and values… [as] a people of immigrants."

<a href="">They go on to explain</a> how their religious tradition "repeatedly forbids us from oppressing the stranger." Someone should tell that to the occupied Palestinians being shot in the settlement camps that much of the international community decries as expressly illegal and unethical.

Nancy Kaufman, CEO of the National Council of Jewish Women had the following to say:

<blockquote>“The irony of this coming out on International Holocaust Remembrance Day was just somewhat bizarre for us as Jews. I found it deeply ironic and troubling. I felt a visceral reaction to it. It goes to our very bones and soul. We are in danger of going back to an era in this country that we as Jews should not feel good about.”</blockquote>

Yeshiva University in New York has announced that they will offer asylum to illegal immigrants. Places of worship, schools and hospitals are generally considered "sensitive locations" to the Customs and Border Protection agents who will generally avoid arresting, searching or interviewing persons there in most cases. Yeshiva annlunced they won't offer information about students without a court-ordered subpoena. Whether this game plan will still fly after Trump's executive order aimed at stripping federal grant money from sanctuary states and cities is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, in Israel, officials have begun training a civilian deportation force and have begun issuing deportation notices to <a href=””>African asylum seekers</a> including <a href="">those of Jewish ancestry</a>. Prison officials are warning, however, that there isn’t sufficient room to jail the thousands of asylum seekers who are currently refusing to leave Israel. Those asylum seekers deported from Israel to Rwanda are warning the remaining asylum seekers not to attempt any exodus out of Africa.

No fooling, on April 1, the Israeli immigration authority plans to begin jailing and forcibly deporting all those served with notices who have not yet left the Holy Land. Some Israeli citizens and groups are speaking out against the situation, <a href=””>including Yad Vashem</a>, Israel’s official Holocaust memorial. Unlike in the US where deportation and immigration is often invoked alongside stories of Jews seeking asylum during the Holocaust, Yad Vashem has declined to make any comparisons between the African asylum seekers and Holocaust victims. They did however note that the issue represents a “national and international challenge that requires empathy, compassion and mercy.”

Despite the support for illegal immigrants in the US, the <a href="">Times of Israel reports</a> that 52% of Israeli Jews feel that African migrants are ‘a cancer’ and a full 33% condone violent against migrants.

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Anonymous No. 17544 2018-02-05 : 12:52

No surprise… more Jews live in the USA than Israel.

Open and Chain Immigration suits their needs.

Anonymous No. 17546 2018-02-05 : 13:12

G-d created you goyim to be slaves for us, and for no other reason. Without us, you subhuman beasts would have no reason to live.

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