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Oklahoma Republican Proposes Chemical Castration For Sex Offenders

Republican State Representative Rick West, who is a first-term lawmaker from Heavener, Oklahoma, wants his state to join the list of places in the US where so-called chemical castration is an option for certain sex offenders (even though this rarely gets used).

Mr. West claims he filed the bill at the request of one of his constituents and that he fully intends to push for its passage in the conservative state which has a tough-on-crime reputation.

He explains that: “When I knocked on that guy’s door when I was campaigning, he said: ‘I’ll vote for you if you’ll run this bill.’”

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The Republican lawmaker who in the past successfully introduced other measures, states he’s very confident that his constituents will support harsh efforts to prevent future sex crimes from happening, especially if they take place against children.

The Oklahoman American Civil Liberties Union chapter expressed its concern about Mr. West’s proposal: “It’s hard to imagine this couldn’t be considered cruel or unusual.”

A spokeswoman for the Civil Liberties Union, Ms. Allie Shinn, continued by saying: “I don’t want to place too much faith in the Oklahoma Legislature to avoid blatantly unconstitutional proposals, but we’re hopeful this bill, as written, is just too extreme to move.”

Meanwhile, the expert on the subject of sex crimes, Law Professor Frank Zimrig, stated that the drugs are most successful if you give them to offenders that actually want to change their behavior: “Chemical castration is half advertising slogan, half fantasy.”

“There are chemicals which are supposed to, if dosages are maintained, reduce sex drives. That isn’t castration.”

If Mr. West’s proposal were to be approved, Oklahoma would be joining seven other US states that have such laws allowing chemical treatments for sex offenders.


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margreet No. 17524 2018-02-05 : 10:18



Anonymous No. 17527 2018-02-05 : 11:49

There is no suitable catch all solution, because there several lesser types and degrees of what our PC society now calls Rape.

It is not just MF Rape anymore. We read of FF, FF+M, M+F+M+, Sick Humans using Animals vs bondage human.

Then to top it off each state has its own laws and ages of consent and what constitutes consent.

Statutory Rape ages varies from states to state. With some states using age spans between partners now to define sexual rape between pre-teens, teens, or Pre-Adults and Adults.

Some states still rightfully so recognize a victims actions that lead to the incident.

Some states have 3, some have 5 or 6 degrees of Rape.

Yes I use to support this and more physical methods, but after speaking with a Rape Crisis Ctr Dir. , that I did some IT consulting work for. I learned it would be only helpful in a limited number of rapes. Because I was told that less than 1 in 10 Aggressor - Victim Rapes, actually had sexual organ use for penetration. Many are too stoned, drunk or whatever to finish the act of rape. In too many cases fingers, fists and toys and other objects were sadistically used.

What I do support is all proven Physical Violent Helpless Victim Rapes needs to be handled old school. …… Hang the Person, Incinerate the body and scatter the ashes … leave no trace of that the person was ever on this earth.

Anna No. 17550 2018-02-05 : 13:52

As much as I would want to see this be a reality, our justice system isn’t flawless. I would say it only be used in Zero Doubt cases. Losing ones penis, may not change their illness. They will find other ways to feed the mental illness.

Anonymous No. 17572 2018-02-05 : 19:43

Absolutely, good idea !

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