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Gowdy Says Only About 5 FBI Employees ‘At Fault’, Not the Whole Bureau

Rep. Trey Gowdy maintains that he respects the FBI as he stresses that there are only about five FBI employees who may have committed suspicious actions in the probe into the Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Gowdy cautioned the public about attacking the entire bureau when only a handful is at fault.

Gowdy, guesting on CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’ on Sunday, said: “I have tremendous respect for the bureau, there are 30,000 employees, let's assume that there are five that engaged in conduct that we have questions about.”

President Trump and the Republicans have previously hit the FBI for its partiality in the Russian election meddling probe and the alleged collusion between Kremlin and the Trump campaign. Gowdy said that such a partisan tone has indeed become a major problem. The lawmaker is hoping to release a four-page memo discussing how the bureau used a controversial dossier compiled on Trump funded and organized by a political opposition research firm as evidence for a warrant to spy on a Trump campaign adviser is merely a “one-off.”

Gowdy said: “I hope this is a one-off, that Congress takes this position but also hope it's a one-off that a [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] application contains errors and product that is funded by a political opponent. I hope that is a one-off.”

Gowdy also points to the criticism of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as a prime example of the partisanship problem. McCabe availed of an early retirement over the controversies surrounding his role in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Russia investigation.

Gowdy said: “People can quibble about Andy McCabe, I spent 15 hours with him in two different interviews, he is a professional witness even though I disagree with some of the decision he made. I think we’ve got to get to some point in life where you can disagree with the decision-making process that someone engaged in without believing that they are corrupt or somehow part of the deep state, whatever that means.”

The Republican lawmaker also revealed last week that he plans to leave politics and not seek reelection as he set his sights on the justice system. Gowdy is one of the most high-profile Republican lawmakers with his top post in the House Intelligence Committee and as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.



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Anonymous No. 17503 2018-02-05 : 05:52

Oh really, then who is “the team” Stzrock and Page kept referring to, and why is 7 Floor all under scrutiny. Gowdy has been possibly threatened.

Anonymous No. 17508 2018-02-05 : 06:36

Ya, just because they were the top five FBI employees. We shouldn't worry about it.

Anonymous No. 17536 2018-02-05 : 12:15

Exactly what I have been saying here for weeks. But the Media loves Headlines and screaming war over a Firecracker.

Anonymous No. 17553 2018-02-05 : 14:04

What they are doing now is damage control. They cannot have the world hear that the most powerful nation almost got taken down by some mentally impaired beast and a handful of corrupt FBI and doj.

They need to retire in a prison!! Better yet would be to lock them up alongside some of the convicts they were involved in putting there. That would make for a relaxing time for their butholes.

Anonymous No. 17589 2018-02-06 : 01:16


Anonymous No. 17625 2018-02-06 : 10:18

Turn the guilty over to Hillary's Hit / Clean-up Team.

She'll take care of it and we'll never hear anything else about it and no criminal charges will every be filed.

BTW: Did anybody else notice that a Federal Agent investigation Pizza Gate and Hillary was found dead, face down in the Potomac River in DC?

The Feral Irishman Blog is carrying the story.

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