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WikiLeaks Finally Releases All The Emails That We've Been Waiting For

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks to the media after keynoting a Women's Empowerment Event at the United Nations March 10, 2015 in New York City. Clinton answered questions about recent allegations of an improperly used email account during her tenure as secretary of state.

It is so unfortunate for the democratic nominee Bernie Senders to have left the race for the presidential election; despite his absence from the scene, there is one outstanding trait that is commendable about the outspoken and long-serving independent in the congressional history. The astute and knowledgeable Sanders deserves loads of credit, why? I’m glad you asked; while Sanders was in the race for the presidential seat, he was quick to express his disbelief about the suitability of the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Sanders questioned Clinton’s character insinuating that she is not the ideal candidate.

Sanders provided concrete evidence to back his claims; he expressed his agitation regarding Clinton’s unethical behaviour by exposing how she twitched her speeches in exchange for money from Wall Street Banks, this included millions from the Goldman Sachs. However, this raises questions on Clinton’s authenticity after having acted up as being anti-Wall Street despite the unethical transactions she undertook with Wall Street.

Bernie had previously insisted that Hillary Clinton should release her Wall Street speeches as he emphasised on those related to Goldman; Hillary responded by claiming that she was going to mule about it. In a strange turn of events, Hillary battled back and insisted that she could only release the transcripts if only Trump and Sanders released their income tax returns; I bet Trump was right when he said that his opponent had poor judgement.

In an email that was sent to John Podesta and various officials, WikiLeaks released the emails that were in a batch of 2060 hacked emails; the emails raised questions as they revolved around paid Wall Street speeches, the whole intent behind the emails was her campaign.

The democratic nominee’s campaign is yet to validate the authenticity of the emails and whether they are legitimate. Per a statement made by a staffer, the team intended to shift and scrub policy positions.

Per the first email that's flagged, the heading was "Clinton Admits She Is Out of Touch." On February 4, 2014, discourse to what was alluded to as "Goldman-Black Rock", Clinton said "And I am not taking a position on any strategy, but rather I do think there is a developing feeling of tension and even outrage in the nation over the inclination that the diversion is fixed… We had our little, you know, the one-family house that, you know, he set aside his cash, didn't have confidence in home loans. So, I experienced that. Also, now, clearly, I'm somewhat far evacuated because the life I've lived and the monetary, you know, fortunes that my significant other and I now appreciate, however, I haven't overlooked it."

In another email that was dated back to 2013 April 24th, Clinton claimed that its necessary to have two differing opinions regarding policies; one should be private and another one public, this email was destined for the National Multi-Housing Council.

A closer analysis into the hacked emails reveals several intents and Clinton’s position on the same. It’s clear that the democratic nominee was suggesting that the only way to handle Wall Street was to have insiders. It’s clear that Clinton admitted that she needed funding from Wall Street. Clinton also expressed her concerns and challenges while running for office.

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