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'I left him for 5 minutes,' Mom Says after Baby Drowns in Hot Bathtub

Parenting is a demanding responsibility that one cannot take for granted. The fact that one can conceive doesn’t qualify them to be parents.

The neglect of basic parenting roles can be greatly attributed to the many cases that are reported. Such neglect claimed the life of a 1-year-old child who drowned in the bathtub.

The mother, who has been identified as Miranda Gilbert, told reporters she left the toddler for five minutes, and when she returned, she found the baby face down in the water.

Charging documents show that the 1-year-old was scalded in the bathtub after being left alone. The boy was rushed to Riverside Walter Reed Hospital, but it was too late as the child died shortly after arriving.

The mother had a few words for a WAVY-TV reporter who hoped to speak with her on Friday. "I wish people would leave me alone. I wish people were considerate and not in my face right now. I left him for five minutes," the child's mother said. "You know what, get out of my face."

One of Gilbert’s neighbors, Patricia Griffin, was stunned by the details of the baby's death. "She left a child in the bathtub in scaling hot water. I can't imagine, it is hard to fathom that," Griffin said.

The mother is being held without bond after being charged with felony homicide with child abuse and neglect, and three counts of felony child abuse and neglect.


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Lola No. 17494 2018-02-05 : 04:05

Murder only takes a second. Anyone who breathes realizes the young of all species aside from fish et al will die if they fall into a pool of water deeper than they are tall.

Some women are simply mean enough to kill their child.

Anonymous No. 17539 2018-02-05 : 12:35

She'll get 15 to 20 years and live better in prison than her current situation.

IF it was only about getting rid of the child and not wanting to murder it. She could have adopted it out and made $$$$$ via the usual back channels.

BTW: Many reported incidents of people drowning in extremely shallow water from 3 to 18 inches of water face down conscientious.

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