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The Latest on the Amtrak / CSX Crash

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Chaos has been left in the wake of the Amtrak crash with emergency medical responders and investigators from multiple counties responding. Amtrak said that they're grieving with losses to their own workforce, and they're sending prayers to the families of those injured as they attempt to recover. The injured now number 119. Two Amtrak employees are dead.

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According to South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, two Amtrak employees have been killed in the incident and 116 civilians were injured in the brutal crash.

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"They weren't supposed to be meeting like that, clearly," South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said. "It appears that Amtrak was on the wrong track." He said the CSX train seemed to be on the track it was supposed to be on.

Derrec Becker of South Carolina Emergency Management says that the Amtrak Train 91 which was heading from New York to Miami when it crashed into a CSX Freight in Cayce, South Carolina about 10 miles South of Columbia.

139 people were aboard the train when the incident happened, and 116 total has since been taken to nearby hospitals for emergency medical treatment. Eight of the injured are also Amtrak employees along with the two deceased.

According to initial reports the CSX train was parked along a side track when the Amtrak was moving along at speeds of around 59 mph as it smashed into the parked freight.

"Our information and this is subject to correction is that this was not the main (train) line," McMaster said. "This was a loading track for a sidetrack where the collision took place."

He described the freight train engines as "all torn up," and the Amtrak engine as "barely recognizable" from the impact.

This is still a developing story and we will update as more information is released.

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Georgie Lam No. 17489 2018-02-05 : 02:03

So what's with the crashes in SC? Sabotage?

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