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Tim Berners-Lee , Who Invented World Wide Web, Now Wants To Save It

Tim Berners-Lee is a computer scientist who wrote the blueprint for the World Wide Web 28 years ago.

He has expressed his concern due to what has happened in the last year.

Berners-Lee said that he is worried about compromised personal data and fake news.

He said that the above issues ought to be solved for the web to fulfill its true potential as a tool which will help all of humanity.

He also said that the leaks released by the CIA have affected free speech and stopped the web from being used to research on important topics.

Berners-Lee imagined that the Web would be an open platform that would allow everyone to share information and access opportunities across geographic boundaries.

The spreading of fake news and hacking has crashed the hopes of privacy advocates and cybersecurity experts.

Berners-Lee is one of the renowned technologist who has expressed his concerns over the attack on privacy and cybersecurity.

The attack on privacy and cybersecurity has affected the important infrastructure such as the banking systems.

The CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance said that increase of cyber weapons is posing a major threat.

He said that smartphones and TV’s can cause more damage and at a faster rate than other weapons.

A professor of computer science at Dartmouth College also said that IoT devices are exposed to the same security vulnerabilities exploited in phones, computers and TV’s.

The same weaknesses can also apply to cars. A Jeep Cherokee’s digital system was recently hacked over the Internet and it’s brakes were disabled at low speeds.

The CEO of computer-security firm Avast Software said that the leaks that were released by WikiLeaks are not new to the security community.

However, he said that it has warned the public on how exposed systems really are.


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