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Mexico Finds 300 Migrants in Trucks South of Texas Border

Mexican police declared that in two separate incidents they have found a total of 300 migrants (mostly from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador) stuck in trucks which were stopped at a checkpoint.

Already on Friday, Mexican authorities stated that they had found 102 migrants in Veracruz.

On Saturday, they found 198 migrants in two trucks during a check in Tamaulipas, which is located less than 200 miles from the border with Texas.

According to the police report, the migrants did not have proper ventilation, space or supplies and were found traveling in deplorable conditions.

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Three people, the two truck drivers and a suspected ringleader, were arrested on suspicion of human trafficking.

Scanners detected the people hidden inside the trucks when it was stopped by Mexican police at a checkpoint. The group had 24 unaccompanied children amongst them.

Just last month, some 170 undocumented Central Americans were taken into custody by Mexican police in the states of Coahuila and Tamaulipas. The countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are, along with Mexico itself, a major source of illegal migrants being smuggled into the US, mostly via the border with Texas.

US President Donald Trump has made illegal immigration a talking point in politics and is currently engaged in a hefty discussion with the Democratic party to resolve the situation of the 800k DACA Dreamers, whose protection will run out on 5 March 2018. His White House Administration is pressing ahead with controversial plans for a wall along the Mexican border.


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Anonymous No. 17455 2018-02-04 : 10:44

Mexico needs to build a better Border Wall. ☺

This also shows Mexico's super restrictive immigration policies do not tolerate immigrants from its own Latin American neighbors.

Likely also is that these illegals see Mexico as just another S*Hole to pass thru trying to get to America. A place where our ghettos and slums are a much higher and healthier standard of living than they have or could accomplish in their own 3rd and in some cases 4th world countries.


Should we be opening our borders and transfers their S*hole situation to America? –→NO

Or helping TEACH those S*holes leaders how to take better care of their own.—→ Maybe

Either way tossing $$$ at it which politicians just pocket with little results is not the solution as proven in the past.

Because as long as America is a pressure relief valve for these countries I don't think the Elite Classes of the S*Hole countries will ever see a need to improve their citizens situation in order to maintain their positions and wealth.

Anonymous No. 17463 2018-02-04 : 13:33

Build Katie's wall

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