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Sheriff's Deputy Suspended After Removing Nazi Flag on Private Property

One sheriff's deputy in McKean County couldn't stand the sight of a Nazi flag any longer and removed the flag from private property.

Deputy Colin Meeker has been suspended and is now under investigation for entering the private property of a white supremacist group in Ulysses and removing the flag bearing the Nazi Swastika symbol.

Daniel Burnside, Pennsylvania director of the National Socialist Movement, says a neighbor of his witnessed a uniformed deputy Meeker get out of his marked sheriff's vehicle and enter Burnside's property.

Burnside also says that Meeker climbed over a block safety wall along the side of the road to get onto the property. He then removed the flag from a flagpole 15 feet into the property.

Next, Meeker got back in his sheriff's vehicle and drove away. Meeker is also a serving member of the Pennsylvania National Guard. Burnside decided to contact McKean County Sheriff Dan Woods and offer him an ultimatum.

Burnside would not call the state police to report the incident if Deputy Meeker brought the flag back and apologized for taking it. "It wasn’t until he returned my damaged flag that I learned his name," Burnside said.

Meeker ultimately did return to Burnside's property with another deputy and returned the flag and apologized. Burnside then asked deputy Meeker to come inside the headquarters and allow him to videotape his apology.

Of course, Meeker declined the opportunity prompting Burnside to say he felt the deputy "had no remorse for his actions" and was "very unprofessional."

So Burnside called the state police to report the incident anyway. Station commander Sgt. Kerby Young confirmed that Burnside did indeed file a report on the theft of the flag.

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