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Police Warn Sharing Child Pornography Video Circulating on Facebook Will Result in Charges

Police in Marietta, Georgia issued an urgent warning to Facebook users after a child pornography video began circulating on the social media platform.

The video also reportedly made rounds in several other states and police warn that sharing such a video is considered distribution, no matter your intentions, and criminal charges will follow.

Marietta Police Officer Paul Hill issued a warning saying, "Do not share it. Even if you have the best intentions, and you want to help us solve this, it is still considered distribution of child pornography."

If you receive the video, Police want you to follow these steps:

1. Do NOT share the video with anyone.

2. Notify Facebook immediately.

3. After notifying Facebook, delete the file from your Facebook account

Police say they are still working to determine the source of the video but it is currently unknown who first uploaded the video.

Facebook certainly has the power to determine the source of the video, why haven't they stepped up and cooperated with the authorities to identify the individual?

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