By: Savannah Smith | 02-04-2018 | News
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Paralyzed Boy’s Mom, Caretaker Set to Marry to Avoid Deportation

Paralyzed Ohio boy, 6-year-old Ricky Mendoza’s caretaker, who was arrested by ICE for being an illegal immigrant could face deportation as the law requires despite the cries for humanitarian considerations of the boy’s mother.

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Yancarlos Mendez Perez offered to marry his girlfriend Sandra Mendoza to continue taking care of her and her 6-year-old son who became partially paralyzed from a car crash. Perez worked to provide for mother and son and also trained for three months to become Ricky’s medically certified caretaker.

But Perez is staying in the country illegally and was arrested by ICE. He has not seen Sandra and Ricky Mendoza since his ICE’s arrest on November 29 last year for overstaying a Spanish visa.

Perez now faces deportation unless his lawyers can successfully argue that removing him from the U.S. would be inhumane.

ICE sent Perez a letter dated January 4, written by ICE Deputy Field Office Director Robert Lynch which read in part: “Your request for a stay of removal is denied.”

Mendoza will be sent to the Dominican Republic where he was born. He also has a citizenship from Spain where he was raised.

Mendoza tried to file a petition for a stay of deportation but was denied because she and Perez lack a legal relationship status as they are not married. Mendoza insists they are planning to marry next week to “cement their relationship” and make him stay in the U.S.

The couple has a marriage license, but an ICE officer will have to give permission for an official to perform the ceremony.

Attorney Charleston Wang insists they have a case. He said: “This is not a case of chain migration or of anchor babies. This doesn’t offer the floodgates to other people. This is a case of clear humanitarian necessity, a case of compassion.”

Mendez was stopped for driving without a license for the second time in November. ICE ordered his deportation for overstaying his visa he got through the Visa Waiver Program.


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Anonymous No. 17427 2018-02-04 : 02:49

As cruel as it sounds?

Why should the USA Taxpayers foot his rehab and care bills, when he was brought here illegally for just that intent… and has a country of his own?

Because this is a POSTER CHILD Situation.

A 1 out of 1 million DACA situation to tug at the publics heart. What about the other 1,899,999 DACA Illegals?

Many of which have Criminal Records and/or years of Tax Evasion.

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