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Swedish Feminist and US Citizen in UN Convoy who Supported Open Border Beheaded in the Congo

Diversity is our greatest strength. Or in this case, it's our greatest weakness after a Swedish Green Party politician who considered herself as being "brave and groundbreaking" by touting policies of "Open-Borders" has her life cut short, literally.

36-year-old Zaida Catalán, both a member of the Swedish Green Party and a rising star of the virtue signaling leftist organization known as the Young Green of Sweden, has a history of pushing policies that benefit globalism and feminism including that of "Open-Borders".

According to the media outlet<a href=""> Diversity Macht Frei</a>, the Green Party of Sweden has an interesting history that resembles much of the far-left or progressive ideological stances in America:

<blockquote>"Equality is one of the cornerstones of the Greens' ideology. They promised equal pay for equal work, breaking gender segregation in employment, splitting parental leave into three parts (one for each parents and one freely transferable including to a third person close to the child), fighting violence against women, quotas for women on the boards of stock market-listed companies, investments in school health (to fight mental health problems), laws against sexist advertising which perpetuate gender norms, improving sex ed, improving support to people who have faced abuse and a law on gender mainstreaming."</blockquote>

<blockquote>"In line with this, the Greens are the most pro-immigration party, enthusiastically supporting open borders (or a world without borders). Its manifesto endorsed a liberalization of asylum laws (an automatic right to a permanent residence permit if an asylum seeker hasn't been deported within 2 years, facilitating family reunification, people born and permanently residing in Sweden should automatically obtain citizenship); better integration (easier access to housing and jobs for new arrivals) and fighting discrimination."</blockquote>

Catalán would later join the United Nations as an "expert" for EUPOL and take on a diplomatic mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

She wouldn't be going alone, however.

34-year-old American UN convoy member Michael Sharp and four others would join in the mission to investigate and assist the native people of the Congo, or at least they thought.

Of course, with no real-world experience in the affairs of savage and barbaric nations, only the Marxist indoctrination acquired through college, they'd never stand a chance in a world that's a far stretch from civilization and a peaceful society.

Upon their arrival, they found a primitive world, one where kidnappings and medieval-style clashing between opposing factions were common in the jungle, almost as if they'd traveled back in time a dozen centuries.

As the convoy made its way through the village of Ngombe in the Kasai Province, they had no idea of the dangers they would encounter.

It's a common occurrence for the tribal people of the Congo to kidnap foreigners in hopes of charging a ransom of not simply got primitive ritualistic murders or sacrifice.

That's exactly what both Sharp and Catalán would have happened, as they were kidnapped by savages of a local militia.

They would each be shot, beaten, and killed.

They would later be found dead by a new convoy searching for the missing, with each one barefoot and decomposing.

Catalán would be found without her head. She was decapitated by primitive peoples, and to this day her head has not been recovered.

The cellphone footage from the event was once visible to those on the internet searching for the events has been scrubbed from nearly every video-sharing platform.

<b>I must caution you the following footage is extremely graphic and disturbing. Do not watch if you're faint at heart. It's both tragic and disgusting.</b>

<div style="width:100%;text-align:center;margin:0 auto;"><iframe width="360" height="202" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

In part, due to the graphic nature of the crime, but furthermore to hide evidence of what exactly occurs when you allow barbarians to be around more civilized peoples.

Media outlet<a href=""> Aftonbladet </a>would report that the local militia would be later accused by the Congolese government for the horrific murders.

While these actions happen every day in the Congo, it became an international crisis and an effort to hide the crimes because of two members of the United Nations becoming a victim.

A dozen men now stand trial in a military court in the city of Kananga, the capital of the province of Kasai-Central.

"The U.N. needs to take ownership," said Akshaya Kumar, a deputy director at Human Rights Watch.

Even the<a href=""> New York Times </a>reported on the incident, blaming the United Nations for the lack of training provided to the entire convoy let alone the two who were horrifically murdered, Catalán and Sharp.

It underscores the tragic failure to realize that <i>not all people can simply be welcomed with open arms</i>, and the world isn't fuzzy and happily full of rainbows and unicorns.

It's unfortunate that even with such tragedies as this people still fail to realize the legitimate danger of open borders or placing third world dwellers into the realm of modern humans.

They're not the same, as per behavior, as per culture, as per understanding. As much as we wish it would be, it's untrue.

We cannot allow open borders in America because of these dangers. Specific nations who send "refugees" come from a life where this behavior is normal.

It consistently happens when we do allow them to come to the United States of America.

Two cases in particular for reference both involve Somali migrants right here in the United States.

A Somali Migrant in Minneapolis, Minnesota<a href=""> stabbed an innocent woman 14 times </a>just this past December, which of course the mainstream media tried to bury.

In a similar type of event, a Somali migrant in Vermont<a href=""> tried to murder a 73-year-old elderly woman with a machete </a>at the beginning of January.

<b>Make no mistake, they're not ever going to be able to assimilate into our country, nor are we as civilized people safe around them.</b>

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Anonymous No. 17420 2018-02-04 : 00:51

Racist propaganda

Anonymous No. 17421 2018-02-04 : 00:58

At last some good news!

Elisa No. 17423 2018-02-04 : 01:39

Horrifying, but totally preventable. Extremely sad when reality appears so bluntly before you. A consolation that this terrible lesson will prevent others from this fate.

Anonymous No. 17428 2018-02-04 : 02:51

Headline should read.

"Liberals Meet Reality Of Open Borders."

Dahlia No. 17429 2018-02-04 : 02:51

There is only one way. Keep away from barbaric cultures, and don't say 'open borders' is a good idea. Definitely do not let them into civilized countries. Let them kill each other as they so like to do, in their own country.

As for the Somali's who attacked the women in the United States, that is only TWO of the assaults that have been reported. Search and there will be many more attacks known about.

Where did they get their weapons? Were they allowed over the border with them? I guess so! DEPORT these demonic sub-humans back to where the culture is to fight and kill each other for fun. That type of fun does not fit our culture over here.

Anonymous No. 17437 2018-02-04 : 05:06

The wrong side won World War II.

Anonymous No. 17438 2018-02-04 : 05:09

I think Africans are sub human waste and they need to bring back colonialism n wipe these niggers off the fucking continent NOW!!!

HarleyRose No. 17459 2018-02-04 : 13:12

I think this is very appropriate ends to a radical feminist and a soy boy! We should encourage millions more of the idiots to go right into the belly of the beast.

Save us $Billions feeding the animals!

Let them eat human rights activists!

Anonymous No. 17477 2018-02-04 : 20:11

You cannot apply Western values to non-western cultures and expect a western culture outcome

Day of the Rope! No. 17480 2018-02-04 : 22:32

There is zero sympathy for this Marxist bitch, her and her cucked friend are in their right place…dead!

Blane Goldwater No. 17482 2018-02-05 : 00:11


ahhah No. 17520 2018-02-05 : 08:52

ahhah nigger lover got what she deserved

Tracee No. 17613 2018-02-06 : 06:51

The world is not full of rainbows & unicorns and many people can not assimilate!!! Yet many others can. We are ignorant to let anyone hijack the need for needing borders. The masses lock their doors at night FOR A REASON.

Liberals & Conservatives have failed their citizens related to this and many other vital issues.

Hollywood & Political elites live safely in their gated communities yet push the agenda of the undocumented. They have failed their constituents. Period. That does not mean we are free to call others barbaric & uncivilized. Hell, America is barbaric AND uncivilzed!!

Angel Of Light No. 17694 2018-02-07 : 05:54

When justice is served, we are ALL much better off because of it.

It is JUSTICE when two fvcktarded socialist liberal morons believe that The Congo is actually called RainbowUnicornLand.

Those two idiots were probably asking where the chocolate river was, or where the Everlasting Gobstopper Trees were.

You cannot make this sh!t up.



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