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Man Who Sold Ammo To Vegas Gunman Indicted

An Arizona man who sold ammunition to the Las Vegas shooter was charged Friday for manufacturing armor-piercing bullets, according to court documents.

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The shooting in Las Vegas was the deadliest mass shooting in modern history yet no one has gone to jail for the crime since the main culprit killed himself before he could be taken into custody.

Throughout the investigation, there have been so-called 'persons of interest' such as Marilou Danley, the shooter's girlfriend who was questioned but never charged.

A second person of interest was mentioned several times but until Friday, it was unclear who that was. Fridays charges filed in federal court in Phoenix revealed the person of interest to be Douglas Haig of Arizona.

Authorities say Haig's fingerprints were found on armor-piercing bullets found inside the Las Vegas hotel room where the attack took place October 1.

Since Haig has no license to manufacture armor-piercing ammunition, which was used in the attack, he was charged in a federal complaint but records do not indicate if any of the ammunition was used in the attack.

Haig said in an interview earlier this week, "I couldn't detect anything wrong with this guy. He told me exactly what he wanted. I handed him a box with the ammunition in it, and he paid me and he left."

55-year-old Haig said he has sold ammunition for 25 years as a hobby and is an aerospace engineer by trade. He met the Las Vegas gunman at a gun show in Phoenix just weeks before the shooting that killed nearly 50 people and injured 500 more.

He said he gave a box of ammunition to Paddock with 720 rounds of tracer ammunition. Haig also said Paddock told him "he was going to go out to the desert to put on a light show, either with or for his friends. I can't remember whether he used the word 'with' or 'for.' But he said that he was going out at night to shoot it with friends."

Haig also said he has received unwanted attention since his name was released including death threats forcing him to close his ammunition business.

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Anonymous No. 17395 2018-02-03 : 12:09

What is the big deal … armor-piercing ammunition for 5.56, 308, 30/06 can be purchased even at many sports stores?

An 50cal Military surplus can all be purchased OTC at many gun stores or gun events.

Example Federal American Eagle 5.56 NATO Ammunition 600 Rounds 62 Grain SS109 Penetrator FMJ 3,025 Feet Per Second. $249.49 …This is identical to the ammo issued to the US military.

Tracer (mil-surplus) also is legal….

Hell the Federal Gov. auctions it off in forklift size crates and 1 way sea shipping containers at DRMO type sells.

Anti-Gunners sure vicious people making death threats to a person who did not shoot anyone. Nor if I read correctly was used to shoot anyone either.

BTW: this is likely some Liberal DA wanting to make a name before a Political run for a higher position or office.

Anonymous No. 17396 2018-02-03 : 12:15

BTW: applying the same principle of law to a terrorist that used a rental car would have the rental agent going to jail.

Think of the COMMON LAW far reaching issues that this would open up if successful in court.

Wally World and others would quit selling ammo due to liability issues.

This is a hidden end run, just like Obama and his group of Liberal Socialists used between 2012-2014 to get ammo off the shelves, before being caught .

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