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Russia Warns US Deep State are Arresting Citizens Across the Globe

A newly released statement from the Russian government warns its citizens that the United States of America's "Intelligence Community" (IC) is using illicit tactics in the sense that they're arresting Russians across the globe.

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued the warning saying that the <i>"Deep State"</i> is on the <i>"hunt for Russians"</i> abroad, in what appears to be efforts to cause anger or dissent almost as if the cabal is hoping to make a Russian angry enough to commit an attack against America or her interests so they can say, "See, I told you so."

What's more than apparent at this point is that the <i>"Deep State"</i> wants nothing more than to go to war with Russia.

They've spent the better part of the Trump Administration's term trying to indoctrinate the American populace into hating the Russian government and the Russian people.

A huge part of this is the fact that the CIA has assets all across the globe in which Russia poses a threat to, because of the <i>"Deep State"</i> profits from causing chaos and turmoil to foreign governments.

Many of those assets are inside of Syria and Afghanistan, which are literally taxpayer-funded terror cells, that were long called <i>"moderate rebels"</i>.

The <i>"Deep State"</i> became infuriated when President Trump cut off funding to their <a href=""> <i>"moderate rebels"</i> </a> inside of Syria, and since Russia and Assad have reclaimed the majority of the county from the insurgency.

There's also the ongoing and extremely silent currency war between the United States and China.

China had already convinced both Iran and Russia as well as several nations such as Venezuela and Cuba to accept the Petro-Yuan for petroleum products. This maneuver threatens the United States dollar, which is the world's reserve currency.

The <i>"Deep State"</i> has engaged inside of Iran in efforts to push for the toppling of the Khamenei regime, giving assistance to the legitimate frustration with the Islamic government inside the country.

While we as Americans should 100% support the liberty and freedom of the Iranian people it's not our place using the <i>"Deep State"</i> to get involved.

So there's no doubt that Vladimir Putin and Russia aren't an "ally" of America, but much of that is due to the constant interference via the <i>"Deep State"</i> in Russian affairs.

If a peace accord could be reached with the Russians, as President Trump and Vladimir Putin had once hoped for, America and the Russians could defeat the global Islamic Caliphate overnight.

Of course, the <i>"Deep State"</i> will never allow that to happen.

Now<a href=""> Russia is announcing </a>that the <i>"Deep State"</i> has placed at least ten Russians under arrest in 2017 alone around the world as soon as their planes land in countries that are allied closely with America.

"Despite our calls to establish cooperation between the competent authorities of Russia and the United States, the US intelligence services continue to actually 'hunt' for Russians around the world," the statement said. We strongly recommend that Russian citizens, when planning their trips abroad, carefully weigh all the risks, especially if there are grounds for assuming claims from the American law enforcement agencies," said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The United States last month also<a href=""> issued its own travel warning </a>to American citizens wishing to travel into Russia or Russian-allied nations.

"Reconsider travel to Russia due to terrorism and harassment. Some areas have increased risk," said the State Department.

"Do not travel to The North Caucasus, including Chechnya and Mount Elbrus, due to civil unrest and terrorism.Crimea due to foreign occupation and abuses by occupying authorities," the statement read. "Terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in Russia. Terrorists may attack with little or no warning, targeting tourist locations, transportation hubs, markets/shopping malls, and local government facilities. Bomb threats against public venues are common."

Pure propaganda from the State Department, further saying, "U.S. citizens are often victims of harassment, mistreatment, and extortion by law-enforcement and other officials. U.S. consular assistance to detained individuals is often unreasonably delayed by Russian officials. Russia also enforces special restrictions on dual U.S.-Russian nationals. Due to the Russian government-imposed reduction on U.S. diplomatic personnel in Russia, the U.S. government has reduced the ability to provide services to U.S. citizens."

<b>There's zero doubt that there can ever be an alliance of Americans and Russians as long as the Deep State exists.</b>

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