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In the past hour, two helicopters of the French army’s flying school have crashed in the region near the southern city of St Tropez.

First reports indicate that rescue efforts are underway to save the life of one of the soldiers on board, whilst five others were reported dead. There is also a search ongoing for someone who seems to be missing, but at this point details are sketchy.

French police explained that the Gazelle helicopters, which both belonged to the Ealat military flight training school, had apparently collided in a wooded area between the small towns of Cabasse and Carces (as stated some 30 miles northwest of the resort town of Saint-Tropez).

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The flying school at Cannet des Maures in France is a joint operation by the French, German and Spanish army who train their pilots over there. It has 82 aircraft.

The Gazelle, which is the type of aircraft that crashed, has been in service with the French military since the 1970s and is used currently being by the French forces in Mali, in their anti-terror mission.

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