By Savannah Smith  |  03-12-2017   News
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A man tried to break into the Whitehouse by climbing the fence at midnight on Friday. Secret Service agents found the guy before he could do any harm.

People in the Secret Service told the Washington Examiner that the man had a backpack when agents arrested him.

The man climbed the fence on the south grounds then jumped inside. Secret Service agents arrested him before he could even enter the Whitehouse.

A K-9 dog was used to check the man's backpack bombs. No bombs were found.

He was turned over by the Secret Service agents to the Washington police for arrest. The man’s name is Jonathan Tran, 26 years old. He has a California driver's license.

Tran said he was a friend of the President and that he had an appointment with him that’s why he jumped the fence.

President Trump was in the White House when the break-in happened. He was told about problem. The President said the Secret Service agents did a fantastic job. Trump was happy with Secret Service for helping his family be safe

The court charged Tran with “Entering or remaining in restricted grounds with a weapon.” He wasn’t given bail. Tran could go to jail for up to 10 years.

Thankfully the Secret Service did a good job, and this didn’t turn into a big problem for President Trump and his family.

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Extablisment No. 1733 1489302589

This hack website should hire some editors who can edit and some writers who don't sound like 8th graders. Well, Trump will be out of the WH soon if the Republicans grow a spine. If not, they will just try to loot america for as long as they can before they are booted out of office.

Anonymous No. 1741 1489309660

Thank you Secret Service for protecting our President!

Trump Supporter No. 1749 1489325871

Yeah gotta love those secret service for keeping the great man safg.

Alex Burk No. 1750 1489326221

I prefer the 8th grade writing level, it is really easy to read and digest the news this way.

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