By: Earnest Jones | 03-12-2017 | News
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Anthony Weiner is Helping The FBI Lock Up The Clintons

The FBI said that Anthony Weiner is ready to give information about Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

In return, the FBI will drop the child porn charges against him.

The Court hearing that was scheduled to take place on March 7 was postponed. This lets FBI agents to have more time to work with Weiner.

The agents are checking the Clintons involvement in a crime network.

The crime network did money laundering, sex crimes with kids, child prostitution and pay-to-play.

The Clinton Foundation was also involved in obstruction of justice, and other felony crimes.

Anthony Weiner is facing a mandatory 15-year jail term for production of child pornography.

The prosecutors are willing to drop the charges if he gives information leading to the trial of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

One of the investigators has said that Weiner’s laptop has been nicknamed the Rosetta Stone by agents.

The nickname is after the ancient Egyptian tablet that was has with two languages Greek and Egyptian and three alphabets.

The tablet lets history buffs read Egyptian writing.

The laptop is full of illegal material from lots of sources.

FBI consider it very important to the ongoing case against the Clintons and Obama’s friends.

Weiner’s laptop was sent from the New York Police. They were examining his underage sexting scandal.

They also found new classified Hillary Clinton emails. Weiner had named the file on his personal computer as ‘’Life Insurance.’’

This suggests that he saved them knowing that they might help save his life at some point.

The files are now helping him avoid jail if he grants the FBI enough information to complete the prosecution against the Clintons.


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fred freud No. 1775 2017-03-13 : 17:14

We've been hearing for months that prosecution of the pedophilia & other crimes is at hand. Lord, do I ever pray it comes about!

selena No. 1776 2017-03-14 : 01:34


Dorrie No. 1792 2017-03-14 : 15:30

Tongue in cheek . . .

H No. 1823 2017-03-17 : 00:16

This article is terrible! First, it's full of grammatical errors. Second, the legal issues are completely wrong and would NEVER happen! Third, once something is taken from you as evidence, you don't get to decide what happens to it, or with it, any longer! Do your research before writing about legal matters again!

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