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Counter-Strike Video Game Co-Creator Jess Cliffe Arrested For Sexual Exploitation Of A Child

The man behind the voice of the infamous line in the video game Counter-Strike, "Counter-Terrorists Win", and co-creator of the franchise was arrested Thursday for sexual exploitation of a child.

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Police say, Jess Cliffe, a video game designer for Valve Corporation, was booked into King County jail on charges of sexual exploitation of a child. The authorities would not release further details or any information surrounding the arrest of Cliffe.

The charges come as a shock for the gaming community who has seen no prior criminal arrests from Jess Cliffe before. He was arrested at 2300 S.W. Webster Street in Seattle in the Southwest Precinct.

Cliffe became known for his role in creating the original Counter-Strike game, a tactical, team-based, multiplayer, first-person shooter. He worked on the game while he was a student at Virginia Tech and released it in 2000.

Cliffe even lent his voice to the game and recording several prominent lines including "Counter-Terrorists Win!" which is the sound you here when the good guys beat the opposing "terrorist" team.

The game used a modification of the original Half-Life game as a starting point and Cliffe has also been involved in level design for major games such as Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Left4Dead2, and Portal2.

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The russians are gunna be pissed.

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