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Hillary the Shark and Trump the Shark Hunter

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee lets out a secret: the Republicans who have abandoned Trump did not do it to demonstrate a big morality play, following the controversial recording of Donald Trump. Rather, they did it to protect their own interests- take this- should Trump win!

A former presidential candidate himself, Huckabee in his appearance this morning on The Kelly File at Fox News, also did not mince words in describing Trump's former allies in explaining what he thinks is their real sinister motive behind their withdrawal of support for Trump.

" A lot of these bed-wetting, hand-wringing Republicans- they're not afraid Donald Trump is going to lose. They're scared to death that Donald Trump is going to win.", Huckabee revealed.

" And when he does, he will mess up the neat little package of fun they have and they all play to the donor class.", Huckabee added as he said Trump, after he wins, is poised to introduce big changes in such donor system and dynamics.

When reminded that those Republicans may just be worried that their continued support of Trump may be construed as an endorsement of the things he said a decade ago in the recording, Huckabee quickly countered that everyone has always known Trump to be crude and vulgar.

" We know he was not a Sunday school teacher. Nobody is endorsing what he said. Not even his family. Not himself. He apologized for it. ", Huckabee said.

Huckabee asserted that Trump's apology is a big deal, especially when compared to Hillary Clinton's cold, unrepentant ways as she would not even so much as acknowledge her graver sins against the American people.

" I want Hillary to apologize- for lying to Congress, lying to the American people, destroying evidence, getting all of her people off ( from accountability), making a deal with Iran, selling to corporate shields ( with those paid speeches)…", Huckabee said.

The former governor also shared his admiration for the way Trump dominated Hillary in their just concluded second presidential debate, noting that Trump was " fearless", " comfortable with his views" and had the guts to tell the truth straight to someone's face.

Huckabee then made a call to the voters to choose well by playing an analogy to what the contenders Trump and Clinton represent by referencing the classic Steven Spielberg blockbuster 70's film Jaws, where he said Trump is like Captain Quint, the brave shark hunter, and Hillary as well- the shark herself!

As 'Captain Quint', Huckabee said that Trump may be vulgar, salty, and even drunk sometimes, but he will definitely save people and their families. Hillary the 'shark' meanwhile will be sure to bring peril to the people, eating their boats, opening borders, easing immigration ( policies), among other dangers.

"So do you vote for Captain Quint to save you and your family? Or are you going to vote for the shark? That's the choice you have to make!", said Huckabee

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