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Two Girlfriends Suspended For Asking Each Other To Prom

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The usual tradition when it comes to high school prom involves a guy asking a girl to accompany him and sometimes the girl will even ask the guy.

But at Alexandria High School, two girls were given in-school suspension after one girl asked another girl to go to prom with her during a talent show Tuesday.

Both the girl who initiated the prom proposal and another girl who helped her were sent to in-school suspension Wednesday according to Ashley Fadely, a senior at the high school.

Fadely says the girlfriend who was asked to prom was also performing at the talent show but was not disciplined. The girl who initiated the proposal and the girl who helped her were both suspended.

School officials labeled the stunt as a "disruption" and school was dismissed soon after the prom proposal but the girls were not disciplined until Wednesday. The school has to shut down and everybody's life put on hold because a girl asked another girl to prom?

Fadely went on to say, "I was there when it happened. It was right after her performance. No words were spoken by them. They just got happy, hugged and that was it."

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Alexandria High Principal Anthony Mack Holley did not issue a statement, neither did the Calhoun County Schools Superintendent.

Fadely also noted the obvious bias against homosexuals saying, "If it was a male and a female student, nothing would have been done." The punishment of the two girls sparked outrage among former and current students who posted about the incident on social media.

"I don't think it was right that they might not be allowed to go to prom. I've decided…I'm not going to prom," Fadely said. "Some students have been trying to get refunds for prom (fees already paid)."

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Anonymous No. 17243 2018-02-01 : 09:17

Homophobic school

Anonymous No. 17245 2018-02-01 : 09:26

If it were two dudes they would have been expelled.

Anonymous No. 17258 2018-02-01 : 12:07

Alexandria High School in Alexandria Alabama?

Anonymous No. 17291 2018-02-02 : 00:05

Good Im sick of the promotion of faggotry as a normal thing…It isnt!!!

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