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Authorities Express Concern for Rising Untraceable and Legal “Ghost Guns”

Authorities are expressing concern for what they say is a troubling trend regarding people’s acquisition of “ghost guns” which bypasses background checks. Law enforcement says gun buyers are doing so to build their own powerful military assault-style rifles and it’s perfectly legal.

“Ghost guns” have no serial numbers. Buyers won’t be required to provide their identification. There are also no background checks. And such guns can be conveniently built at home.

A man later identified as 43-year-old Kevin Janson Neal used a “ghost gun” in a deadly mass shooting recently. Neal killed his wife and four others while also causing injuries to 10 other people. He was prohibited from owning a gun based on past arrests. His sister said he suffered from mental illness and may have been a drug addict as well. Neal simply ordered gun parts on the internet and built a firearm himself. He did not need to pass background checks.

Building ghost guns are increasingly becoming the preferred path to gun ownership for felons and people with mental illnesses, and those who have been convicted of domestic violence.

The guns are supposed to be legal for as long as they are meant only for personal use. They are also a hit with gun enthusiasts and hobbyists, many of whom are responsible gun owners. The trouble is with the fact that such guns are untraceable.


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Anonymous No. 17261 2018-02-01 : 12:39

Old vintage GHOST GUNS have issues with newer ammo. The metallurgy of those days was no where near the quality we have today in firearms , until you get around 1890's and German made weaponry .

Example : 1895 Chilean 7x57 Mauser's (1500M range) less than $400 (NRA -Good condition)

NO FFL Check required.

Even after re-bored or barrel swap to 308 or 30/06.


Having just came thru 8 years of Obama and his Anti-American Socialists buddies that came out of the wood work against anything that could be used to oppose a coup or invasion. The FBI Fast and the Furious ILLEGAL Gun running operations used as an excuse to clamp down on private citizen ownership. Trying ban any means of any personal self defense. Plus going as far as buying up and estimated 10 years of Ammo to get it off the store shelves causing a civilian market shortage for almost 3 years. Then much of that Ammo was stored in the open weather in Colorado (snow/rain/heat/cold) thus becoming useless.

I am glad non-violent American citizens have access to any unregistered means of self protection.

Food for thought.

If the Liberals and Socialists self serving narrow interpretation of the Bill Of Rights 2nd amendment was applied the all 10 amendments we would have no rights, freedoms or liberties.

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