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Hamas Founder ‘Accidentally’ Shoots Himself In Head

Mr Imad al-Alami, a senior figure within the Hamas terrorist organization who co-founded the Palestinian movement, has died at the age of 61 after “accidentally shooting himself in the head”.

According to the report of Hamas’ press agency, Mr al-Alam, who the US considered to be a "specially designated global terrorist", was inspecting his own gun when it accidentally discharged.

There was no independent confirmation of the circumstances of the incident and some initial reports suggested it might have been an assassination attempt. The national intelligence agency of Israel, the Mossad, has tried assassination attempts on leading Hamas figures multiple times in the past.

This is not the first time Mr al-Alami, who had very close ties to Iran, was involved in an ‘accident’. Back in 2014 his residence was bombed and one of his legs needed to be amputated. As the Palestinian hospitals were not equipped for this, he was moved to Turkey at the time where he remained for some time following the surgery.

At the time some suggest that the bombing might have been part of an internal Hamas power struggle whilst the group itself stated that the rocket was part of an Israeli air strike during that year’s conflict.

When pressed for more information, Hamas spokesman Fawzy Barhoum maintained to Israel National News that the death was the result of an accident.

On a lighter note, you never know that he just took part in <a href="">the "No Lacking Challenge"</a> which one of my colleagues wrote about earlier. For those who are unaware of this new ‘challenge' that are increasing in popularity, it's a dangerous game involving a firearm that once again has made waves amongst today's youth.


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