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Florida Man Calls Flight Attendant A N***R, "Slave" and Threatened Her Life

A Florida man has pleaded guilty to two counts of intimidating a flight attendant of an aircraft in flight in the United States. 36-year-old Michael Anthony Minko of White Springs, Florida was sentenced to two concurrent sentences of two months imprisonment for threatening the flight attendant.

The charges stem from a racist outburst Minko directed at two flight attendants July 18, 2017, on board a Spirit Airlines flight from Newark, New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale. The charging documents say Minko drank an excessive amount of whiskey from a bottle he brought on the plane and consumed prescription Alprazolam, a generic form of Xanax.

All throughout the flight, Minko cursed at, used abusive language, and made verbal threats. Authorities say Miko also exhibited threatening actions and reportedly called a flight attendant "n—-r bitch" and "slave" before threatening to kill her.

According to the Miami Herald, "(Minko) said he was going to kill R.N. and everyone else by blowing up the plane." The stipulated facts statement says a flight attendant identified as ā€œB.B.ā€ told Minko to give her the bottle.

"The defendant called B.B. a nā€”ā€“ bitch and a slave several times and told B.B. that he would kill her," according to the statement.

B.B. was afraid of Minko at that point and backed off, although she did provide Minko a barf bag when he started yelling that he was sick.

Throughout the course of the flight, Minko also began punching the woman's seat in front of his own, and then pushed another passenger before punching a window.

It took three passengers and a flight attendant to restrain Minko's hands behind his back with flex cuffs. U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom ordered Minko to report to jail Friday, February 23, 2018, to being his sentence.

The extra time was given so that Minko could finish alcohol and drug treatment at a rehab facility.

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Anonymous No. 17181 2018-01-31 : 12:33

He should be BANNED for all future flights.

It is obvious he "may" have a fear of flying issue and was taking a generic form of Xanax with liquor to deaden the fear.

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